Not one pinhole of rust or one spec of body filler!!! Just 100% solid rust free Henry Ford steel. Even the front wood floor boards are original and solid. All of the original wood is in excellent condition. The doors close perfectly the same as they did in 1931. It’s unbelievable! All of the pinch welds are tight, No rust swelling anywhere. The car even still has it’s original rear view mirror with the clock built in it. And it still works! Such a cool little detail. The original interior is still all there. There is also a badge above the windshield from a local 1965 car show that this car attended and it has been there ever since. I started to build this car as a gasser, The body sits on a new Brookville chassis with a 55 Olds rear with new ladder bars and a 40 Ford buggy spring. Motor mounts are installed to fit 50 to 58 olds engine which is what I was planning on running in it. No motor or trans with the car. But I do have a variety of Olds engines that are available for sale along with transmissions. The car has a 32 grill shell and 32 dash installed. All the glass is still in the car to be used as patterns.

Denver, Pennsylvania, United States