This 1931 Ford Model A Tudor was recently discovered in a Pennsylvania barn where it had been sitting untouched for nearly 60 years. The widow of the previous owner believes that her husband purchased the car in the early 1950’s and only drove it for a few years. It has been in storage since the late 1950’s. The car doesn’t appear to have ever been restored or repainted. The odometer reads 57894. We were able to get the engine running with minimal work, it only required adjusting the points and cleaning the carburetor. It runs quite well and idles nicely. The cylinder head is cracked and I suspect that is the reason the car was taken out of service. It does leak water from the head, upper radiator hose, and water pump.The original tires were flat and rotted, we’ve installed a good set of used tires to get the car rolling. The car drives well and can be driven short distances with no trouble. We did have it out on the road, the transmission works in all gears and the brakes work. The fuel tank is full of sludge and will need cleaning if you plan to use it. We have strapped a small temporary fuel tank under the hood. There is a fuel leak where the fuel line enters the carburetor. The exhaust system is completely rusted off. The passenger door glass is broken, all other glass is intact. The bottom of the passenger door skin is rusted through. There is no other major rot on the body or chassis. There is a crack with an old weld repair on the right front fender. The interior is in poor condition overall.

Zionsville, Pennsylvania, United States