1969 Chevrolet short box truck project.  This is an interesting project with TONS of parts to go with it.  I will basically give anything that is 67-72 truck parts that I have to help with the project. I have been collecting parts for it for over 10 years.  I have a set of front disc brakes (5 lug) and a set of later 70’s (5 lug) 15×8 rally wheels. There are also rust free fenders and doors from southern states with nice seams.  This will make the body much easier as basically the cab is the only real project. There is a nice tailgate, automatic column, new brake shoes, an extra set of doors for parts, rust free trailing arms, and many small parts (to many to list)   Included with the truck is a 1972 Chevrolet 350.  This is a very good running motor that was pulled from a 1969 Camaro that was being converted to a big block.  The motor will need nothing unless you are to get excited with it.  The body is in need of some attention, but I have collected many things to help with this.  The box is in very good shape. It has no rust on it at all.  The cab however is a different story. It has rust in the floors, rockers and firewall area.  I have collected many of the patch panels to repair these areas and have included them with the truck.  New rockers, floors, rear floors, cab braces and a spare firewall for patches.

Foley, Minnesota, United States