In the 60s, full-size Chevy‘s factory drag racers came right off the new car option list. Begin with the lightest body, Biscayne two-door.  Add a 400+ CID engine (409’s then 427‘s), heavy duty suspension and four-speed transmission and you just built a “Bisquick” Chevy. Body work is complete. Paint (1966 Chevy Madeira maroon) is 95% complete requiring only a re-spray of one rear wheel arch. The historically correct drive train to drop in would have been a 427-4 speed. However, we had a chance to build the drivetrain with the included a 1972 small block 400 to be either a 383 or a 400. The eternal big block vs small block discussions rage on. A TH350, a three speed manual transmission and a 12 bolt rear end are also supplied.

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Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States