This is a very complete 1967 Mustang convertible. It has a 200 cubic inch 6 cyl engine with 3 speed manual transmission. I can only assume the engine is locked up but I would assume the new owner will convert to a V8 anyhow.  YES this Mustang HAS RUST !  It’s weird rust though. Some places that are usually rusted are not! Both front torque boxes are GOOD! All the frame rails , front and rear, are GOOD. The battery tray and right front fender apron are GOOD! The floors and inner rockers are BAD. You can repair the inner rockers and replace the floors. YES the car is sagging a bit in the middle and the doors do hit the rear quarters a bit but both doors still open and close.   Both hood hinge inner fenders need replacing. The only body panel the I would use is the right fender and both headlight buckets and rear quarter extensions. The doors and rear quarters and left fender are too rusty to use in my opinion but I’m sure some of you out there would repair some of them. The hood and trunk are rusted on the bottom side but the hood does have the signal light option and all those parts are complete!

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States