A nice winter project for any Porsche 914 fan.  The 1974 car was a daily driver until it got rear-ended, and has been sitting in covered storage for over 10 years.  The rear chassis member is not bent, but the corner of the trunk floor, bumper and fender are.  A straight, solid replacement bumper is included.   Notice that the collision didn’t even damage the taillight or trunk lid!  The battery shelf is gone, and the car is wired and fitted for a trunk mounted battery.  As shown in one pic, the right rear suspension console is SOLID!!  Door sills and rockers are solid.   It has a fiberglass front bumper with driving lights, and an after-market steering wheel.   There is a core side-shifter trans and two core Type IV engines ( a 1.7 L & a 1.8 L included).   Conditions unknown.  There is a pile of engine tin, fan shrouds, and assorted extra hardware and parts included (many more than pictured). To be sure, it needs a good cleaning, front to back, but it needs very little cosmetic rust repair, and only the left rear collision repair.  Seats and carpets are not damaged, and there is a plastic overlay on the dash.

Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, United States