If you’ve been looking for a very solid 356A project, this is your car. This barn fresh Porsche 356 A, chassis #56239, with engine #80521 is a rare beehive tail light coupe, and one of the most solid projects we’ve ever seen. It was just pulled out of a long time in storage after a stalled restoration. The photos show how much beautiful metal is on this car. It’s not ready for paint yet, but a starting point this strong is a rare find. The included engine is apart and consists of everything you see pictured. The seats are also apart, please see photos. Whether your goal is a restored example or you want to build the outlaw of your dreams, this car has real potential to go either direction. The ’56 Beehive Coupe is one of the most sought after 356s right now, and they almost never hit the open market unrestored. Don’t stop at half a cup, fill it to the rim, with Brim.

Ravena, New York, United States