This is a 1948 Chevrolet Fleet Master 2 Door Coupe  !   This is a major project for someone looking to build a street rod or rat rod  ,  or just for some original body parts  !    The coupe body is mostly complete !   It comes with  2 doors ,  2 rear fenders ,  2 front fenders ,  1 deck led ,  1 very nice hood with no rust or big dents in it  !   Also 2 front door fender extensions and a front chrome grille shell  ,  with only a few small dents   !    There are also all the door hinges ,  the front inner fenders  , the front window regulators with some track parts  ,  the vent window frames ,  1 outer door handle ,  the interior window moldings and a few other small items  ,  as some screws , window cranks ,  door strikers and latches   !   There is also 2 tail lights , 2 head light buckets and 2 head light moldings !        The car does not have a dash  ,  steering column ,  seats ,  glass or exterior moldings or trim   !   The body has a little rusting in the floor pans and in the rear trunk extension  !   Also above the front windshield header  !    There is also a little rusting on the door bottoms ,  front fenders and a little in the rear fenders   !   The deck lid has some big dents and filler but is not all rusted out  !   There is no rust around the trunk seal ,   window frames and main body of the car  !      The body is setting on a Chevrolet front sub frame ,  with disc brakes and power steering  !    It also has Chevrolet engine mounts on the sub frame  !    The rear frame has a Chevrolet 10 Bolt rear end housing ,  with a original style 4 link suspension  !    But has no springs or shocks  !    The front sub frame is mocked up and pushed inside of the rear frame rails  !     (   You would have to square up and box the frames together after getting your wheel base and ride height right   )   Also the body lines will need to be set before welding  !

Location: Mount Jackson, Virginia, United States

See listing: 1948 Chevrolet Fleet Master 2 Door Coupe, Rat Rod Project (from May 19, 2016)