1940 Chevrolet Panel Delivery Truck.  Have spent effort over the last 30 years gathering parts for this old vehicle.  Was able to obtain all 4 fenders as new old stock (NOS).  Also has an NOS grille and NOS door glass for both front doors.  Other NOS items include a door lock mechanism for the rear door and a contact switch to carry electricity to the tail lamp on the rear door.  Front bumper is used but in super condition – almost NOS. Truck is pretty complete.  It does not run, although I drove this a short distance when I originally obtained it years ago.  The 3 – speed transmission was bad, so I removed it.  I intended to put a 4 speed in it, but never completed that project.  The 4 speed is in the back of the panel.  Mileage probably exceeds 100,000 – really unknown.

Winston, New Mexico, United States