1931 Dodge Brothers DB8 sedan. Scare your neighbors with this cool Rat-Rad driving project car. Originally this was equipped with an inline 8 cylinder. This was the most deluxe version available and has special features such as dual spare wells, dual cowl vents and of course the 8 cylinder was there so has the beefed up axel and strong doubled frame among other things. V8 conversion about 10 years ago. The car currently has a Mid 1970s Dodge 360 V8 with a 727 automatic transmission. 12v system with LED headlights and turn signals. The brakes are old railroad lanterns. The exhaust is custom machine gun barrels with baffle tips. It’s loud, but not as loud as you might think, it’s very streetable like this. The sound is just right for bring loud! The car was parked with 95,000 miles on the clock and the body is pretty much all original still aside from the added devil on doors and words above rear window. Some rust through on rocker panels but this is still pretty decent and solid overall.

West Chicago, Illinois, United States